Tim Taylor (born December 17, 1961) is a 1983 graduate of the School of Visual Arts in New York City with the BFA in illustration. At the age of 15 he met Dick Barry who had been painting windows for holidays on stores in NJ for many years. Dick encouraged Tim to try and promised to teach him. Unfortunately Dick passed away shortly thereafter. So Tim started painting stores on his own with his mother driving him around. Fortunately Tim soon met Dick's son Bruce Barry. Bruce was a few years older than Tim and he had been painting windows with his dad for many years. Dick had told Bruce about Tim and Bruce taught Tim many of the techniques he still uses today. 2011 marks Tim's 35th Christmas season of painting windows.
Tim works in many different media and styles. Upon graduation from The School of Visual Arts he went to work for the world-famous glass studio Carved Glass by Shefts in New York City. After leaving Shefts, He became the primary artist that internationally known designer Dennis Abbe used to carve his Art Deco designs into glass. Tim has. created etched an carved glass for many of the finest glass companies and interior designers in New York and New Jersey. His work is in homes, restaurants, hotels and casinos all over the world. In 1995 after reading an article about the Federal Duck Stamp contest he became interested in painting waterfowl and began entering Duck stamp contests. In 1999 he met Adam Grimm, who would win the Federal Duck stamp contest that year. They have since become best friends and Tim considers Adam to be his mentor. They have spent many hours together painting, as well as photographing waterfowl in the wild. In 2000 Tim placed 10th in the Federal Duck Stamp contest. The 2010 California Duck Stamp Contest is his first win and print.

He is also a muralist and painter working in a highly representational style. You can see Tim's other work at HERE.